Hat Hire Care Guide


Most headpieces are worn to the left hand side of the head sitting slightly on the forehead, allow about a finger gap between the base of the hat and the eyebrow. If in doubt don’t hesitate to ask!


AVOID RAIN –  Care should be taken when wearing a hat in the rain and should be kept under an umbrella at all times.   They are very vulnerable if subjected to rain and even the slightest drizzle can damage a hat beyond repair.

WEAR LIGHT MAKE-UP – make-up and oily marks on hats are difficult to remove, where possible we recommend not wearing foundation on the part of the forehead where it touches the hat.  Blot your skin with a tissue to remove oil before putting on your hat.  Please do not attempt to clean make-up or marks off yourself as this may make damage worse.

WASH & DRY HANDS – Oily marks from moisturiser or food will mark hats and its very difficult to remove these.  Wash and dry your hands before taking the hat on or off.  Please do not attempt to clean marks off yourself as this may make damage worse.

REMOVING & STORING HATS – be mindful of putting your hat away safely during the event, remember that hats are not as robust as you are!  Ideally store the hat back in its box and put it somewhere safe (not under a table, behind a bar or on a chair).  At weddings please do not use ‘hat pegs’, moisture on the marquee will damage the hat as will using a peg on the hat itself.


If a hat, headpiece or headband is lost, stolen, or returned in a damaged (including any dents, loss of decoration or water damage) or dirty condition that exceeds normal wear and tear, as determined by Effie Williams in its sole discretion there will be a replacement charge up to the retail value of the piece charged to the hirer.